5 - Session Behavioral Obedience Training Series Phase 1. (Small Group Setting 1-3 pups.)

1) Dog Psychology Introduction, Exercise, Discipline, Affection.

  • Giving corrections and setting and enforcing Rules, Boundaries and Limitations.
  • Why Behavioral Imbalances Occurs.
  • How to build Trust, Respect, and Loyalty in your pup.

2) How to become a confident Pack Leader.

  • Learn Proper ways to walk and use the leash with your pup.
  • Giving Corrections and structure.
  • Learn how to create an obedient and receptive pup.
  • Setting up foundation for a successful on leash and off-leash experience.
  • Specific activities to build confidence in the pup and handler.

3) Dog Body Language, Communication and Social Interactions.

  • Learn the art of non-verbal communication and the language of dog.
  • Learn How Dogs Make Friends.
  • Positive Social Behaviors and Interactions with pups.

4) Addressing Difficulties and Challenges with Excitement and Energy Levels.

  • Ways to address highly athletic, energetic, or easily excited pups.
  • Excitement vs Relaxation, Creating and maintaining balance in your pup.
  • Addressing Social Challenges and how to help pups recover.

5) Dog Park Etiquette.

  • Learn Proper and Healthy Social Behaviors.    
  • Ways to ensure a successful trip at the dog park or any public environment.
  • Help maintain balance and control in excited environments.

5 - Session Behavioral Obedience Training Series Phase 2.  (Large Group Setting 5 - 10 pups.)

1) Dominance vs Submission Creating Balance in your Dog.

  • Claiming items and personal space both inside and outside home with any pup.
  • Learn the Psychology and States of mind of a Dog.
  • Understand how Pups see and experience the world.
  • Help maintain balance, growth and confidence with your pup.

2) Social Interaction and Excitement.

  • Learn how to actively challenge your pup.
  • Practice both verbal and non verbal communication to lead pup through obstacle course.
  • Reinforce respectful social behaviors to increase chance of making new friends.

3) Pack Leadership and Pack Walks.

  • Learn how to walk and lead a pack of dogs.
  • Build Confidence in handling skills and interactions with multiple dogs.
  • Reinforces position as Pack Leader with your pup.

4) Dog Body Language, Communication and Social Interactions.

  • Addressing social interactions such as play, sharing items, competition during play.
  • Healthy Expressions of Rules Boundaries and Limitations.
  • Practice Social Interaction such as at Restaurants, Shops, Public Parks.

5) Dog Park Socialization and Etiquette.

  • Practice and Reinforce healthy and positive social interactions with other dogs.
  • Confidently Lead pup both on and off leash regardless of the excitement in the environment.
  • Making Friends, Ways to Play, Reinforcing positive associations.

  • Come train, practice, and socialize with your pup in a safe relaxed environment. Let your pup exercise,play, and socialize with a positive experience.  Great way to maintain balance and growth in your pup(s).
  • At the end of the Training Series participate in Graduation and Monthly P.A.W.S. Pups Walk Social Events.

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