P.A.W.S. Inc., specializes in high performance training, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and total body wellness. The goal of the program is to get dogs and their owners up and active. We use a holistic and all-natural approach in our rehabilitation techniques, and incorporate functional movement training into our rehabilitation process.

Our ultimate goal is to get the client and their dog to live a healthy active lifestyle in a calm relaxed atmosphere. We offer both individual dog training classes as well as Performance Training Sessions for or with your dog.  Our mission at P.A.W.S. Inc., is to create a relaxed well-balanced pup and a well-balanced owner.


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At P.A.W.S. Inc., the most important thing is to honor and value each dogs individuality, energy, and spirit. We design our programs and protocols to tap into their natural drive and desire to work. Exercise, Discipline, and Affection, as well as enforcing Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations are the essentials in creating a well-balanced, relaxed, and social dog.

We use a combination of Operant Conditioning, Positive Reinforcement, and Positive Association in our training methods that modifies behavior and creates a well-balanced pup. Our training sessions includes a combination of high performance and agility exercises, On-leash and Off-leash exercises, Pup Massage, AROM/PROM, stretching and relaxation routines.


Graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Natural Science with an emphasis in Athletic Training. Over 10 years of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation experience in a clinical setting. Over 10 years experience as well as over 6,380 hours of hands on training, evaluation, and behavioral work with dogs in both 1-on-1 and group pack settings.


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"If It's Physical...It's Therapy."