P.A.W.S. Inc.,

Performance and Wellness Services

"If It's Physical...It's Therapy."

  1. Trouble Controlling Pup(s) On-Leash and Off-Leash.
  2. Dog Park Etiquette.
  3. Difficulties with Excitement and Energy Levels.
  4. Becoming a Confident Pack Leader.
  5. Meeting and Greeting New Pups.


P.A.W.S. Inc., Training Series

Preventative Care and Injury Rehabilitation

Johnathan Clayton

At P.A.W.S. Inc., the most important thing is to honor and value each dogs individuality, energy, and spirit. Exercise, Discipline, and Affection, as well as enforcing Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations are the essentials in creating a well-balanced, relaxed, and social dog.

Dog Behaviorist.

Athletic Trainer.

  • AROM/PROM, Stretching Series.
  • Meditation and Relaxation Routines.
  • Soft Tissue Work .
    • Allows your pup to release stress and tension.
  • Learn the Essentials To Dog Psychology and Pack Leadership.
  • Let your Pup Socialize and Exercise in a Relaxed Environment.
  • Build Confidence as a Pack Leader.
  • Participate in Pack Walks.

Behavioral and Obedience Training

  • Challenge your Pup through Performance and Agility Exercises.
  • Custom Designed Exercise Training Programs and Activities for Owners and Pups.

Performance and Agility Training